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It is of the utmost importance that amalgam fillings be removed safely. Our office utilizes all precautions recommended by IAOMT and more.

You will notice that both the doctor and his assistant wear protective masks during removal procedures.

The operatory air is filtered with carbon air cleaners. We also utilize a sweeping ionizer with collection plates at the foot of the patient which traps mercury ions.

The teeth are isolated using a vinyl dam. The individual tooth being worked on is surrounded by a special suction designed for mercury removal. The amalgam is cut out in chunks so as to keep the amount of debris to a minimum.


The area is sprinkled with activated charcoal. Charcoal will capture any mercury vapors that might escape. If charcoal is swallowed it will not be absorbed from your digestive system.

Oxygen is available for patients who request and is suggested for people who are chemical sensitive.

Relax…we’ve got you covered!




New England Dental Wellness