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Mark Wisniewski, DDS
78 Country Club Road
Greenfield, MA 01301
Dr. Mark's Story

Dr. Mark A Wisniewski practices general dentistry utilizing a science based, minimally invasive approach. Totally esthetic results are achieved while always keeping the whole body’s wellness in mind. Safe mercury removal protocol is strictly adhered to, and the most compatible┬ámaterials available are used to restore.

The office is situated on the edge of a wooded area, which lends itself to a very comfortable setting in which to undergo care. You will know from your initial visit that this is a special place to receive care.

mercury dental filling

Discover more about the "Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique."

Dr. Wisniewski, a Western Mass holistic dentist, proudly serves patients from throughout the Northern East Coast, including
, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and Upstate New York.

New England Dental Wellness