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ozone-picWhat could be a more natural medicine than one made from pure oxygen?

Dr. Mark is one of the few dentists in America certified to conduct research utilizing medical grade ozone. Many thousands of physicians have been using ozone successfully for years outside of the U.S. Millions of cavities have been successfully treated. We are very excited to offer what looks to be the future ‘state of the art’ treatment for our patients today.

Ozone kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites on contact. There also appears to be a healing reaction instituted by the body upon exposure to ozone. This will prove to be a very useful medicine to be used in many different situations by dentists.


1. Decay: cavities exposed to ozone gas will subsequently harden…sometimes no drilling or filling required.

2. Root Canal: teeth which up to now were so badly decayed that they required root canal treatment to repair, can now often be repaired, and the infection reversed, using this treatment. Also, utilizing the gas during treatment appears to increase the probability of obtaining a successful root canal.

3. Periodontal (Gum Disease): Ozonated water, oil, and gas are used in combination in the office and at home to kill the bacteria responsible for gum disease.

4. Infections of the jaw: failed root canals, cavitations (osteonecrotic lesions), or even failed implants can often times be healed by injecting ozone into the area. Tooth extractions and jaw surgeries may well be avoided!

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