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What does it mean?

massachusetts holistic dentist“Doing as little as possible to achieve the desired goal” is the way Dr. Mark approaches every situation. There is nothing as strong as what nature has provided. Retaining as much tooth structure as possible is the final goal. Because of Dr. Mark’s extensive amount of continuing education, there are many tools available to provide patients with this type of cutting edge care.

Utilizing tunnel preparations to access decay between teeth has been one conservative approach, and that can be viewed here. Ozone treatment of decay is the latest, very exciting, therapy that Dr. Mark is now certified to provide. Inlays and onlays can be performed to restore near 100% strength to broken down teeth. Minimally-invasive crowns can be bonded into place to correct cracked teeth.

Invisalign treatment may be utilized to put teeth into a more desirable position for long term stability and predictability. Direct, tooth-colored, composite fillings themselves are the minimally invasive approach to restoring teeth. Only the damaged part of the tooth is removed and the tooth colored material is bonded into place restoring strength.

When this is done correctly, the results are teeth that are much stronger than mercury filled teeth. Teeth filled with mercury fillings break and lead to very invasive dentistry. I have not seen this with the bonded dentistry I have performed since 1996.

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